We have experience in working with a range of engineering materials, in particular:

  • All grades of steels
  • Stainless Steels
  • Non ferrous alloys such as nickel, aluminium and titanium alloys
  • Elastomeric sealing compounds
  • Carbon fibre and GRP materials

We can help you to select the right material for the job and to provide processing and fabrication advice.

Some examples of where we have helped people are shown below:

Material specifications

We both write and review material specifications for a number of companies to ensure the materials they procure and use meet their requirements. For example we have recently developed a specification for a quenched and tempered steel in order to meet high strength requirements. We also help companies to review industry and client specifications, so that they can determine the requirements in order to avoid manufacturing issues and to fully assess cost implications.

Heat treatment

Maintaining material properties after welding can be a problem. We recently worked with a flange manufacturer to help develop a heat treatment that gave the low alloy steel they wanted to use its required properties, as well as maintaining the mechanical properties after welding. This allowed our client to manufacture their components to higher strength levels to meet high pressure applications.

Material procurement

We frequently give advice to companies on materials concessions and non conformances, where the supplied material deviates from the procurement specification. For example we helped one of our clients to assess and use material with a higher than specified silicon level in their supplied steel. We helped them to determine the affect of the deviation on the fabrication process and end product and to confirm that it still fully met design and client requirements.