Corrosion Services

We work with people to provide the corrosion advice and support they require. The services we offer include:

  • Working with you to provide design, material selection and fabrication advice
  • Investigating corrosion problems and failures
  • Working with you on corrosion test programs
  • We can provide advice on corrosion prevention
  • Advice on coating selection and application as well as cathodic protection

Some of the things we have worked on include:

Galvanic Corrosion

Galvanic corrosion occurs when you have a combination of low alloy and corrosion resistant materials. We have worked with a manufacturer of subsea equipment advising them on the use of titanium alloys. Titanium alloys are very noble and hence if they are used in combination with lower alloy materials then galvanic corrosion could occur. Hence we advised on material selection in order to prevent it from occurring.

Super Duplex Stainless Steel

We help people to specify and fabricate super duplex stainless steels. These materials are extensively used for corrosion resistance in a range of industries. However care is required to avoid the occurrence of deleterious phases during its fabrication. We have extensive experience in working with this material and have advised a number of companies in its use.

Offshore Corrosion Protection

We have worked on a number of major offshore projects helping to design the corrosion protection system. This has included specifying material selection and protective coatings and also the design of the cathodic protection system to industry standards such as DNV RPB401.

Hydrogen Embrittlement and Stress Corrosion Cracking

Hydrogen embrittlement and stress corrosion cracking are both forms of environmentally assisted fracture and require a combination of environment and stress. We have experience in both phenomena and frequently advise people on how to prevent them from occurring. For example some grades of stainless steels are susceptible to stress corrosion cracking in certain environments. We have helped companies to select the correct grades in order to avoid the problem.