We will work with you to provide the materials support you need.

We help people to select the right material and processes for their application, as well as providing design engineering support. We'll also help you to procure the right materials and to ensure their quality during fabrication. We have worked in a number of engineering sectors such as:

  • Power generation including oil and gas
  • Aerospace
  • Material supply
  • Automotive
  • General Engineering

We also act as company and project  metallurgists for a number of organisations.

An important part of our services is the provison of materials training and our next courses are shown below:


Failure Analysis*                                                                                  26 March 2019: Glasgow


Carbon and Alloy Steel*                                                                     27 March 2019: Glasgow


Combatting Corrosion*                                                                      28 March 2019: Glasgow


Combatting Corrosion*                                                                       2 April 2019: Sheffield


Material Selection*                                                                              30 April 2019: Dundee


How to Write Material Specifications*                                              1 May 2019: Dundee


Understanding and Reviewing Material Certificates*                   2 May 2019: Dundee


Valve Metallurgy                                                                                     9 May 2019: Sheffield


Understanding and Reviewing Material Certificates                    15 May 2019; Portsmouth


Surface Treatment of Alloys                                                               16 May 2019: Portsmouth


Fundamentals of Metallurgy*                                                              4 June 2019: Glasgow

Metals Processing*                                                                                 5 June 2019: Glasgow

Stainless Steels*                                                                                      6 June 2019: Glasgow

Engineering Metallurgy                                                                       18/ 19 June 2019: Portsmouth                                                      

*These courses are run on behalf of the AMRC/ University of Sheffield as part of their CPD programme.

Please contact us for a course brochure or to book or visit

email or call 0794 0047409